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By Eugene Ehrlich

Adjectives have lengthy suffered from undesirable press. for a few years, English academics were keen on telling scholars that "adjectives are the enemy of nouns, and adverbs are the enemy of every thing else."

While it truly is nonetheless beneficial to heed your English teacher's suggestion on such a lot different issues, The hugely Selective Dictionary of Golden Adjectives for the terribly Literate proves that breaking sure principles could make written and spoken language that a lot livelier, including much-needed colour, type, and adornment. With this addition to the preferred Highly Selective sequence, the "golden" adjective, eventually, will get the celebrity remedy it merits. From adventitious to zaftig, popular lexicographer Eugene Ehrlich has gathered greater than 850 of the main attention-grabbing and interesting adjectives within the English language and has supplied concise definitions and instructive utilization examples. even if you are a author, a speaker, or a be aware buff, this compendious, trenchant, laudable, and all-around fantabulous quantity can assist you set panache again into your prose.

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Similar phrases: herbivore (HUR-be-vor) noun; herbivorously (hurBIV-er-es-lee) adverb. 104 / Hermaphroditic Golden Adjectives hermaphroditic (hur-maf-re-DIT-ik) From Latin hermaphroditus from Greek hermaphróditos, either one of which suggest “hermaphrodite,” additionally, capitalized, the correct identify of the son of Hermes and Aphrodite. and what's a hermaphrodite? an individual or different creature that comprises sexual features of either female and male. The adjective is usually given as hermaphroditical (hur-maf-re-DIT-i-kel). combining female and male features. “Our cousins, of their first journey to the massive urban, stated they desired to see a convey that includes hermaphroditic performers. ” similar phrases: hermaphrodite (hur-MAF-re-dit) and hermaphroditism (hur-MAF-re-di-tiz-em) either nouns. hermeneutic (hur-me-NOO-tik) From Greek hermeneútikós, which means “skilled in interpreting”; from hermeneús, “an interpreter”; from Hermes, messenger of the gods. additionally given as hermeneutical (hur-me-NOO-ti-kel). all in favour of interpretation; explanatory; interpretive. “The hermeneutic ability he confirmed in his celebrated lecture on examining poetry dazzled the total college. ” comparable phrases: hermeneutically (hur-me-NOO-ti-ke-lee) adverb; hermeneutics (hur-me-NOO-tiks) noun. hermitic (hur-MIT-ik). See troglodytic. heterochthonous (het-e-ROK-the-nes) From Greek hetero-, a combining shape that means “different,” from Greek héteros, which means “the other,” + chthón, which means “earth,” + -ous, an adjectival suffix. less universal than the adjective autochthonous (aw-TOK-thenes), this means that “native, indigenous. ” overseas; no longer indigenous, no longer local. “Once the traditional urban have been exposed, we traced its successive invasions by way of overseas forces via interpreting fossilized is still of heterochthonous crops, giving us a botanical map of the stream of historical armies making their approach alongside the Mediterranean. ” heterodox (HET-er-e-doks) From Greek heteródoxos, that means “of one other opinion”; from Greek Golden Adjectives Hircine / one zero five hetero-, a combining shape which means “different,” + dóx, which means “an opinion,” + -os, an adjectival suffix. of people, of ideals: unorthodox; protecting unorthodox rules. “In the first speech the hot primary gave earlier than our parent’s membership he happy a few mom and dad along with his heterodox rules and filled others with apprehension. ” comparable phrases: heterodoxy (HET-er-e-dok-see) noun; heterodoxly (HET-er-e-doks-lee) adverb. heuristic (hyuu-RIS-tik) From New Latin heuristicus, from Greek heuriskein, that means “to find out”; the Latin -isticus is an adjectival suffix which means “in different phrases. ” helping find out or become aware of (something). “Obviously, the heuristic difficulties chosen by way of the trainer have been welcome, simply because scholars had no longer realized something from the rote routines that they had formerly been doing. ” similar notice: heuristically (hyuu-RIS-ti-klee) adverb. hibernal (hi-BUR-nl) From Latin hibernalis, from hibernus, which means “wintry,” + -alis, an adjectival suffix showing quite often in scientific phrases. wintry; touching on iciness; showing in iciness.

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