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By Jeff VanderMeer

Descend into shadowy towns, ugly rituals, chaotic gala's, and lethal cults. Plunge into terrifying domain names, the place our bodies are remade into surreal monstrosities, the place the determined rage opposed to brutal tyrants. the place every little thing is deadly and nobody is blameless, the place Peake all started and Lovecraft left off—this is the place you can find the recent Weird.

Edgy, city fiction with a visceral immediacy, the recent bizarre has descended from vintage delusion and dime-store pulp novels, from horror and detective comics, from thrillers and noir. All grown-up, it emerges from the chrysalis of nostalgia as newly literate, surprising, and totally innovative.

Here is the superior of the recent bizarre from a few of its maximum practitioners. This canonic anthology collects the unique on-line debates first defining the hot bizarre and important writings from overseas editors, culminating in a ground-breaking round-robin piece, “Festival Lives,” which gains many of the most popular new names in New bizarre fiction.

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