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By Geoffrey Benjamin

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Chapter 1. Cynthia Chou & Geoffrey Benjamin: "Introduction"
Chapter 2. Geoffrey Benjamin: "On Being Tribal within the Malay World"
Chapter three. Annette Hamilton: "Tribal humans at the Southern Thai Border: inner Colonialism, Minorities, and the State"
Chapter four. Nathan Porath: "Developing Indigenous groups into Sakais: South Thailand and Riau"
Chapter five. Colin Nicholas: "Organizing Orang Asli Identity"
Chapter 6. Juli Edo: "Traditional Alliances: touch among the Semais and the Malay nation in Pre-modern Perak"
Chapter 7. Lye Tuck-Po: "Forest humans, Conservation limitations, and the matter of 'Modernity' in Malaysia"
Chapter eight. Marina Roseman: "Engaging the Spirits of Modernity: The Temiars"
Chapter nine. Robert ok Dentan: "Against the dominion of the Beast: Semai Theology, Pre-Aryan faith, and the Dynamics of Abjection"
Chapter 10. Gerco Kroes: "Culture touch and Semai Cultural Identity"
Chapter eleven. Signe Howell: "'We humans Belong within the Forest': Chewong Re-creations of strong point and Separateness"
Chapter 12. Mariam Ali: "Singapore's Orang Seletar, Orang Kallang, and Orang Selat: The final Settlements"
Chapter thirteen. Lioba Lenhart: "Orang Suku Laut identification: the development of Ethnic Realities"
Chapter 14. Cynthia Chou & Vivienne Wee: "Tribality and Globalization: The Orang Suku Laut and the 'Growth Triangle' in a Contested Environment"
Chapter 15. Tenas Effendy: "The Orang Petalangan of Riau and their wooded area Environment"
Chapter sixteen. Juara R. Ginting: "Inter-group kin in North Sumatra"
Chapter 17. Tine G. Ruiter: "State coverage, Peasantization and Ethnicity: adjustments within the Karo sector of Langkat in Colonial Times"
Chapter 18. Reimar Schefold: "Visions of the desolate tract on Siberut in a Comparative Southeast Asian Perpective"
Chapter 19. Gerard A. Persoon: "Defining Wildness and desert: Minangkabau photos and activities on Siberut"
Chapter 20. Jennifer Alexander & Paul Alexander: "Gender and Ethnic identification one of the Lahanans of Sarawak"

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