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By Norman Lewis

This time-tested classic—first released greater than sixty years ago—has helped thousands in attaining mastery of English. Word strength Made Easy is the best vocabulary builder within the English language. It presents an easy, step by step procedure for expanding wisdom and mastery of written and spoken English. prepared in thematic sections—on every thing from find out how to flatter neighbors and insult enemies to the way to speak accurately approximately technology and medicine—the ebook is written in a full of life, available, and infrequently funny kind, featuring rules and a mode of broadening your wisdom as an essential component of vocabulary-building. the writer delves into etymology to arm the reader to decode surprising phrases, offers phonetic pronunciations, offers pointers on fending off universal spelling error, and gives important sections on which fussy, outdated grammar ideas are legitimate and that are superseded or faulty and will be thoroughly neglected. Loaded with valuable stories, development exams, and quizzes to enhance the cloth, this vintage source has helped hundreds of thousands learn how to converse and write with better sophistication.

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Alma mater b. tending to fixate obsessively on something three. matricide c. wife-killing four. fratricide d. father-killing five. uxoricide e. tending to set fires 6. uxorious f. alcoholic 7. monomaniacal g. wife-doting eight. pyromaniacal h. tuition or university from which one has graduated nine. megalomaniacal i. tending to delusions of grandeur 10. dipsomaniacal j. brother-killing KEY:  1–d, 2–h, 3–a, 4–j, 5–c, 6–g, 7–b, 8–e, 9–i, 10–f are you able to paintings with the phrases? (III) 1. kleptomania a. disbelief in God 2. libidinous b. trust in lots of gods three. atheism c. lewd four. agnosticism d. trust that God is nature five. polytheism e. morbid nervousness approximately wellbeing and fitness 6. monotheism f. trust in a single God 7. theology g. research of faith eight. pantheism h. obsessive thievery nine. satyriasis i. irregular male sexual wishes 10. hypochondria j. skepticism approximately God KEY:  1–h, 2–c, 3–a, 4–j, 5–b, 6–f, 7–g, 8–d, 9–i, 10–e are you able to paintings with the phrases? (IV) 1. hypotension a. hypertension 2. lascivious b. malicious fire-setting three. high blood pressure c. abnormally low blood strain four. agnostic d. fire-setting for unlawful achieve five. incendiarism e. to forecast (probable advancements) 6. arson f. a decision via exam or checking out of the character, variety, motives, and so forth. of a situation 7. iconoclasm g. person who claims that final fact is unknowable eight. prognosticate h. sexually immoral nine. prognosis i. a foretelling of possible advancements 10. diagnosis j. a scoffing at culture KEY:  1–c, 2–h, 3–a, 4–g, 5–b, 6–d, 7–j, 8–e, 9–f, 10–i are you able to paintings with the phrases? (V) 1. prurience a. irregular want for sexual activity by means of a male 2. satyromania b. worry of enclosed locations three. agoraphobia c. scholar of faith four. claustrophobia d. sexual longing or interest five. acrophobia e. worry of heights 6. theologian f. worry of open areas 7. lubricious g. having, or bearing on, abnormally low blood strain eight. hypochondriacal h. itching nine. hypotensive i. having, or concerning, hypertension 10. hypertensive j. sexually immoral; lewd eleven. pruritis ok. beset by way of anxieties approximately one’s healthiness KEY:  1–d, 2–a, 3–f, 4–b, 5–e, 6–c, 7–j, 8–k, 9–g, 10–i, 11–h are you able to remember the phrases? (I) I. manias and phobias 1. unmarried mounted obsession 1. M__________________ 2. impossible to resist compulsion to set fires 2. P__________________ three. unceasing hope, at the a part of a lady, for sexual activity three. N__________________ four. obsessive wish to scouse borrow four. K__________________ five. delusions of grandeur five. M__________________ 6. alcoholism 6. D__________________ 7. compulsion for sexual activity by way of a male 7. S__________________ or S__________________ eight. dread of heights eight. A __________________ nine. dread of open areas nine. A__________________ 10. dread of cramped quarters 10. C__________________ KEY:  1–monomania, 2–pyromania, 3–nymphomania, 4–kleptomania, 5–megalomania, 6–dipsomania, 7–satyromania or satyriasis, 8–acrophobia, 9–agoraphobia, 10–claustrophobia are you able to keep in mind the phrases? (II) II. intercourse Write seven adjectives; all beginning with L, roughly which means “sexually immoral, desirous, and so on. ”; write the adjective beginning with P which means “sexually curious or longing.

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